What is Atascocita?  A city?  A town? 

Answer:  Neither.  It's an unincorporated census designated place in Harris County, TX.  There is no city government.  The area is served by various government organizations.   Yes, it can be confusing.  Humble ISD runs the schools.  Harris County Precinct 4 provides police protection.  Our own local volunteer fire department provides fire protection.  Harris County Precinct 2 provides for infrastructure (roads, sidewalks, etc.)  Mailing addresses are listed as Humble, but you don't live in Humble nor vote in Humble elections.  And you don't live in Houston either.  Clear as mud yet?

What is Atasca Woods?

Answer:  It's a subdivision created by various land development companies that built homes in the area from approximately 2001 to 2006.  The Atasca Woods HOA is the home owners association which is democratically elected and tasked with helping maintain the neighborhood so that it's a great place to live for all of us.

How do you pronounce Atascocita?

Answer:  Uh-TAS-kuh-see-ta.

How do you pronounce Humble?

Answer:  Not "Hum-ble"!   It's "um-ble".  It's not from the word "humble".  The pronounciation comes from a person's name ("Plez Humble") for which the town was named and then an oil company which eventually became Exxon.