Welcome to our community. We're proud to have you as a neighbor and member of the community association. We hope that you'll find the website to be informative and helpful in making Atasca Woods a great place to live!

                                             Community News

Pool Schedule
Please note:  The pool will only be open on weekends from 1 - 5 until Humble ISD schools are out.  The normal schedule will start  June 1.


We are 6 days away from our annual Splash Day! Signs were put out today so make sure your neighbors know how much fun we have and encourage them join us.  Splash Day will be from 1pm - 6pm. The lifeguards may allow you to swim later into the evening, but the official event will end at 6pm.  Here is what you can expect during Splash Day:

1pm--- gates open
2pm--- raffle items 
3pm--- food service begins
3:30 pm--- raffle items
4:30 pm--- raffle items
4:30 pm--- food service ends
5pm--- final raffle items
6pm--- Splash Day Ends (pool stays open if lifeguards are willing to stay)

As you can see, we will be raffling off some items this year in lieu of pool game contests.  There will raffle "baskets" full of fun stuff for kids AND adults.  We will also be raffling off some GRAND prizes that may or may not include Astros tickets, Schlitterbahn passes and more.  YOU MUST BE PRESENT TO WIN!  

Food Service: Spring Creek will be providing the food again this year!  We will have brisket, sausage and smoked chicken, as well as, all the sides that you love.  Spring Creek will provide lemonade and tea, but if you would like to bring a small cooler with your own NON-ALCOHOLIC drinks, please do.  Each person is allowed 1 plate.  The neighborhood is charged PER PLATE, so there will be no to-go orders, or taking plates back to people at home.  

Pool WristbandsEveryone should have been mailed a pool wristband form.  To speed up the process, please bring your FILLED OUT pool wristband form and proof of residence (I.D. or utility bill).  Each RESIDENCE is allowed 6 FREE wristbands.  These bands will allow you to bring one guest, so effectively you will be able to have 12 entrants per residence.  As in years past, in order to get your wristbands and be allowed to participate in Splash Day you MUST BE CURRENT ON YOUR ANNUAL DUES or HAVE A PAYMENT PLAN IN PLACE WITH THE PROPERTY MGMT COMPANY.  We will have a list of those who do not qualify under these requirements at the entrance of the pool.  If you are on the list and can make payment at that time, you will be allowed entry once you have satisfied the deliquency. 

POOL TOYS and WATER SLIDES: Arm floaties for kiddos are allowed, as are swim noodles.  PLEASE DO NOT BRING ANY TOYS THAT SQUIRT WATER!  The water slides are for kids only.  Adults are not permitted to slide down the slides.  Due to insurance requirements, in order to use the water slides you must be able to swim and exceed the height requirement.  

This is our big event of the year, so let's make it a good one! Feel free to bring your outdoor chairs or outdoor blankets so that you are comfortable during the day of fun!  See you there!!!

Spring Events

Spring has officially sprung and now is the time to spruce up your yards, repaint the outside of the house and add some color to the flower beds!  What? All that costs money, you say??  Well, perhaps you have some stuff you can sell to the public during our community garage sale??

Garage Sale!

Due to the impending storms expected to hit all day Saturday, we are moving the garage sale to April 27th.  That should give everyone some more time to gather and price out your items and then spread the word!  An add will run in the local paper and signs will be out in the neighborhood.  Take advantage of this even to clean out some clutter and hopefully fund your spring project list!

Splash Day 2019!

Another event coming up is the Community Splash Day on May 18th, 2019!  This is our annual event where the residents can take the first dip in the pool, enjoy some delicious BBQ and pickup your pool wristbands. Time is tentatively set for 1 to 6pm with the possibility of the pool remaining open until later in the evening. Continue to check the website for updates! 

Pool Wristbands 2019

As in previous years, pool wristbands will be handed out at Splash Day.  Each household is able to get 6 wristbands FREE of CHARGE. Each wristband can get one guest in... so those 6 bands can get 12 people into the pool. If you need more than 6 bands, the cost will be $5 per band.  If you cannot make it to Splash Day, bands can be picked up at the property mgmt office for the cost of $5 per band. 

Also, as in previous years... if you have not paid your dues for 2019 or are not on a payment plan for the dues, you will not be allowed to get your wristbands or participate in Splash Day.  We will have a list at the event and if you are able to bring a check to cover the dues, we will accept it at Splash Day. 

Community Improvements

As discussed in the end of the year meeting, the community has spent some money on improvements to the pool area and will spend some more on Aerobic Dr.  

For the pool area, the bathrooms were remodeled with new countertops, sinks and commodes.  The iron gate around the pool was also repaired where needed and repainted.  We will also be looking at remulching the playground area and are still awaiting bids to pour concrete in the grassy area that leads up to the playground. Lastly, we hope to get a basketball court painted on the parking lot where the kids play almost every day. 

On Aerobic Dr, the trees need to be trimmed and we need some plants/flowers to fill in some spaces in the medians by the pool intersection. We are currently gathering bids for these services.  

Along Aerobic some of the fences need some work.  There are missing/worn pickets that need to be replaced.  If you live with your house bordering Aerobic, the fence is your property... it is not considered a community fence.  Please take a few minutes to replace the broken pickets so the drive along Aerobic looks that much more pleasant. 

Try our Bulletin Board

One feature of the website you may have missed is the community bulletin board.  You can use it to post notices out to the other residents.  It has PICTURE upload functionality too!   So... if you lost a pet, saw a thief, want to sell something...  check it out!


Please keep our community beautiful by promptly picking up trash and newspapers and putting away your trash containers after garbage collection.

Please submit all requests to change / modify your property before signing contracts or scheduling the work to be done.   The AWCA ACC form is available here.

Keep your eyes open!  Help keep the neighborhood safe by getting to know your neighbors and reporting suspicious behavior!  Call the Precinct 4 Constable dispatch at
(281) 376-3472