Welcome to our community! We're proud to have you as a neighbor and member of the community association. We hope that you'll find the website to be informative and helpful in making Atasca Woods a great place to live!

Community News

Moving to Town Square

We have moved!
The new web address is:  https://hawc.sites.townsq.io/  Soon we will redirect this site directly to the new one.  

What do you need to do?   If you haven't registered at the TownSq website already, click here to Sign up for TownSQ.IO  To complete the registration, you will need your Goodwin account number, which you can find by calling (855)289-6007 or looking at your annual HOA dues bill.  You can also contact Goodwin from their website at https://www.goodwintx.com/contact/ 

Please register with TownSQ ASAP.  We hope to "see" you there and look forward to continue supporting everyone to have a wonderful community to live in!

the AtascaWoods HOA WebMaster  and the HOA Board


Please keep our community beautiful by promptly picking up trash and newspapers and putting away your trash containers after garbage collection.

Please submit all requests to change / modify your property before signing contracts or scheduling the work to be done.   The AWCA ACC form is available here .

Keep your eyes open!  Help keep the neighborhood safe by getting to know your neighbors and reporting suspicious behavior!  Call the Precinct 4 Constable dispatch at (281) 376-3472 .