Welcome to our community. We're proud to have you as a neighbor and member of the community association. We hope that you'll find the website to be informative and helpful in making Atasca Woods a great place to live!

                                             Community News

Upcoming HOA Meeting--October (Date Change!!!)

Hey Everyone... due to a scheduling conflict, the October HOA meeting had to be moved to Tuesday, October 29th.  Same time... same place. 

The next HOA meeting will be held Thursday, Oct. 24th @ 6:30pm. It will be held at the Atascocita Fire Dept Annex on Timber Forest.  The meeting is open to residents.  We will be determining the budget for the next year, projects we are doing and would like to consider and more.  We will also be determining the annual dues for 2020!  This will be our final meeting of the year and I want to encourage residents to attend!  We have some exciting news that will benefit each resident, so make plans to be there! 

Garage Sale!

Our Fall Community Garage Sale will be held Saturday, October 19th!  Clean out your closets and attic, price your items and make some money! The event will be in the papers to help attract buyers!

Pool Parking Lot

**** Update**** 

The board has agreed to take measures to prevent parking at the pool overnight.  We are moving toward placing signs that will warn of towing after hours.  We need to take steps to protect the integrity of the parking lot and any improvements made there. Once these measures are in place, we will let the residents know so they can be prepared. 

There is an increasing number of residents parking in the pool parking lot.  This excessive use of the parking lot is adding to its wear and tear.  We will also be doing some work on and near the parking lot which will require the lot to be empty.  If you are currently parking in the pool parking lot, please park elsewhere so we can do the work that needs to be done. 

Community Improvements

MORE TO COME!! Stay Tuned!

Try our Bulletin Board

One feature of the website you may have missed is the community bulletin board.  You can use it to post notices out to the other residents.  It has PICTURE upload functionality too!   So... if you lost a pet, saw a thief, want to sell something...  check it out!


Please keep our community beautiful by promptly picking up trash and newspapers and putting away your trash containers after garbage collection.

Please submit all requests to change / modify your property before signing contracts or scheduling the work to be done.   The AWCA ACC form is available here.

Keep your eyes open!  Help keep the neighborhood safe by getting to know your neighbors and reporting suspicious behavior!  Call the Precinct 4 Constable dispatch at
(281) 376-3472