Welcome to our community! We're proud to have you as a neighbor and member of the community association. We hope that you'll find the website to be informative and helpful in making Atasca Woods a great place to live!

Community News

Please note the change to pool band pickup.  Wednesday 19th is moved to 26th.

Pool Season Begins 5/29/2021!!

Atasca Woods pool will open 5/29/2021 and be open everyday except for Mondays.  This year we will be passing out wristbands two separate times so please make every effort to come by the pool and get your bands.  We allow 6 bands free of charge for each house.  In order to get your bands, person picking them up MUST BE AT LEAST 17 YEARS OF AGE and must have a utility invoice or drivers license that shows their street address in Atasca Woods. 

Wristband Pick-up Date/Times:
Saturday 5/22 from 10am - 1pm
Wednesday 5/26 from 4pm - 7 pm

This year we will open the pool without restrictions.  Pool furniture will be out and capacity will not be limited.  If you want to bring your own chairs, please feel free to do so.  Lifeguards will be allowed to sell water, capri suns and cokes at their discretion. SLIDES ARE FOR 18 YRS OLD AND UNDER! Your child may be asked to do a swim test before they are allowed to go down the slides. 

Pool Hours (beginning May 29th):
Monday--- closed
Tuesday - Sunday --- 11am - 8:30pm

Pool will remain open on weekends only after school begins in August thru Labor Day Weekend. 

Last thing... Lifeguards have the authority to remove anyone from the pool.  They have been instructed to create a family friendly atmosphere for everyone at the pool.... so, rough play, vulgar language or inappropriate music will NOT be tolerated and violators subject to removal WITHOUT WARNING.  Lifeguards are instructed to contact the Constables should they need to. 

Please take your own personal responsibility to participate this pool season in a safe manner.  This includes keeping distance or wearing a mask should you want to do so.  Please do not try to make others do the same as you feel you need to do for your well being.  Let's all play nicely this year and have a great pool season! 


Our next board meeting will be May 20th @6:30pm.  It will once again be held at the Holiday Inn Express next to Spring Creek BBQ.  The fire training facility is going to start allowing meetings again in June so we hope to move back there this Summer.   

We will be posting the plans for the pool opening this week ahead of the meeting and will be updating the various projects and changes that are happening in our community.  

We only have the meeting room for an hour, so if you plan on attending please be prompt!!

See you there!! 

New Lighting Project

At the last HOA meeting, the Board gave a green light for some lighting improvements at the front entrance to the neighborhood and the pool area!  We will be installing new LED lights at the front monument and LED lights for the trees at that front entrance.  We will be doing the same thing at the medians around the pool.  Our hope is that we can continue to add some lighting at the other entrances and eventually down Aerobic, highlighting our trees and adding some more beauty.  We are also getting the parking lot lights at the pool checked out because they are not coming on when they are supposed to.  

Goodwin & Company HOA Management

Effective immediately, Goodwin & Company will be managing the daily business of the HOA.  You should have received a flyer in the mail notifying you of this change.  For assistance Atasca Woods community concerns, please contact them via phone at (855) 289-6007 or their website at http://www.goodwintx.com/

Atasca Woods Pool Opening and More... 

After careful consideration and discussion with our pool mgmt company, the board has decided to open the pool on June 9th, 2020. However, given the restrictions our state is still under, the following are the guidelines we will be enforcing:

1. Entry will be first come/first serve basis with a maximum of 35 people in the pool for any given session. There will be no wristbands for pool entry this season. 
2. At the end of each swim session, all participants must exit the pool and get back in line if they would like another session. Should you arrive in the middle of a current session and are allowed entry, your time will end when that session ends.
3. Sessions will be two-hour blocks followed by a 30 minute cleaning period. (ex... 11am-1pm/Cleaning/1:30pm-3:30pm/Cleaning, etc... )
4.  Pool Hours will be 11am-8pm.  Pool will be closed on Mondays.
5. No guests will be allowed.  The restricted numbers afford only residents the opportunity to swim.
6. You must bring your own chairs.  The pool furniture will not be available.
7. Participants may bring their own drinks and snacks. Alcohol and glass containers are prohibited. 
8. Water fountains will be closed. Restrooms are one person at a time. 
9. Lifeguards will be on duty, but entry is at your own risk. 
10. Lifeguards reserve the right to eject any participant from the pool for violation of any of these conditions. 

If you have any questions regarding the pool procedures, please contact Community Asset Mgmt or email the board. 

CAM Office Closed to Public

Due to concern for the well-being of our staff with respect to the Covid-19 virus, all in-person interactions at the Community Asset Management (CAM) Office will be by appointment only.  Please call 281-852-1155 to schedule an appointment.   For more details, please read the full notice posted under https://www.atascawoodshoa.org/p/Notices-and-Information-Docs

Pool Parking Lot

**** Update**** 

The board has agreed to take measures to prevent parking at the pool overnight.  We are moving toward placing signs that will warn of towing after hours.  We need to take steps to protect the integrity of the parking lot and any improvements made there. Once these measures are in place, we will let the residents know so they can be prepared. 

There is an increasing number of residents parking in the pool parking lot.  This excessive use of the parking lot is adding to its wear and tear.  We will also be doing some work on and near the parking lot which will require the lot to be empty.  If you are currently parking in the pool parking lot, please park elsewhere so we can do the work that needs to be done. 

Community Improvements

Have you been out to the new basketball courts painted on the pool parking lot?  Loads of kids are enjoying the new feature and some adults are even out there playing!   We also fixed the parking lot lighting and upgraded to LED lights to offer brighter visibility and a lower cost! 


Please keep our community beautiful by promptly picking up trash and newspapers and putting away your trash containers after garbage collection.

Please submit all requests to change / modify your property before signing contracts or scheduling the work to be done.   The AWCA ACC form is available here .

Keep your eyes open!  Help keep the neighborhood safe by getting to know your neighbors and reporting suspicious behavior!  Call the Precinct 4 Constable dispatch at (281) 376-3472 .